ZEG 2025
JUNE 13-15

Welcome to the ZEG Tbilisi Storytelling Festival, organized by Coda Story and Impact Hub Tbilisi. ZEG is the Georgian word for ‘the day after tomorrow,’ and that’s what the festival is all about: finding and telling the stories that matter for the day after tomorrow.

Immerse yourself in three days of interactive masterclasses, in-conversation sessions, innovative workshops, networking, and performances on June 13-15, 2025 in Tbilisi, Georgia.




For three magical days in June of 2023, our venues in central Tbilisi were packed as five hundred participants, nearly a hundred speakers from all around the world and dozens of young volunteers came together to shape narratives for the future.When our team first came up with the idea for the ZEG Tbilisi Storytelling Festival, we wanted to forge a truly inclusive, cross-disciplinary festival that would bring together people from different professions for conversations they never get to have. The place — Georgia — was an important part of the festival offering too. Our goal was to bring Georgia to the world and bring the world to Georgia as we gathered some of the brightest, most innovative minds for a truly future-shaping, mind-bending conversation.

ZEG 2023 achieved all of that. With the help of our incredible partners the festival brought together an eclectic and inspirational group of world-class speakers: fromPulitzer-winning authors, to Emmy-winning filmmakers, to journalists from places as diverse as Kenya and Afghanistan, to a world-renowned satirist and even a major Hollywood star.

Georgian media dubbed it the "event of the year." Our international guests seemed to agree. As one of our speakers, actor, and activist Sean Penn put it: "I didn't know much about Zeg before I came, but the quality of curation and the conversation is truly impressive. I can tell you that this is going to be a huge global event."

We are flattered. But we are also determined to make sure that he is right.We are grateful to our partners, our audience, our speakers and our volunteers for making ZEG 2023 such a success and we can't wait to host you in 2024. Please join our growing community!

With love,
The ZEG Team